Tenryu 7-1/4" 48T Steel-Pro STABILIZER Series





New signature steel cutting blade for mechanical construction. Up to 1/8" wall thickness. 5/8" Arbor.


Virtually all test monitors recognized better longevity of the blade. This new, "STABILIZER" technology stabilizes the blade in the cut with much less vibration during operation. Cleaner cuts, longer life and more a comfortable feeling are great benefits of "STABILIZER", making it more "user-friendly". TENRYU blades do not require blade plate stabilizes, as is commonly known in the market. In fact, the patent pending design technology of our new "STABILIZER" blade eliminates any need for a blade stabilizer and produced an even more effective job! EACH BLADE FEATURES: Newly invented "STABILIZER" plate (Pat. Pend.) improves the cutting performance Stabilizer DiagramBetter straightness of cut Cleaner cuts Longer cutting life Reduced burring Reduced scattering of steel debris Less Vibration Please note all safety instructions before use and adhere to instructions for maximum RPM speeds.