Knipex Precision Circlip Pliers for internal circlips in bore holes





Precision and durability

High-density spring steel with a score-free surface is used for the tips. This increases the tips' resistance to dynamic and static strain. The tips are 30% more stable than conventional pliers when subjected to one-off overloading while still allowing good accessibility during assembly. Subjected to dynamic strain, the tips' resistance capacity is up to 10 times greater! The tips on the precision circlip pliers are non-detachable!

KNIPEX circlip pliers with overexpansion guard

For the standardised fitting of circlips in the industrial serial production. Particularly manufacturers of sensitive, safety-relevant components (e.g. brakes or gears) higly appreciate the compliance of DIN 471 and 472. The mounting of circlip rings in this case requires pliers with overexpansion guard or a cone. KNIPEX Circlip Pliers with overexpansion guard meet the requirements and furthermore offer a superior durability.