KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutter





The ingenious lever-action mechanism ensures an extremely favourable lever ratio with very little friction. The cutting force is about 20 times higher than the hand force applied.

  • improved cutting performance
  • micro-structured cutting edge allows easy cutting of large cross-sections
  • with gripping surface below the joint for gripping and pulling wires with a diameter as from 1.0 mm


  No. 71 01 200
  Pliers black atramentized
  Handles plastic coated
  Style 0
soft wire soft wire 15/64 Ø Inch6,0 Ø mm
medium hard wire medium hard wire 13/64 Ø Inch5,2 Ø mm
hard wire hard wire 5/32 Ø Inch4,0 Ø mm
piano wire piano wire 9/64 Ø Inch3,6 Ø mm
Length Length 8 Inch200 mm
Net weight Net weight 11,8 ozs335 g