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Malco 2 in 1 Hand Riveter Kit

One hand operation with normal squeezing action provides enough pulling power to set all popular size rivets. 2-in-1 adjustment features a single long stroke for most hand riveting applications and a short "ratchet action" power stroke for setting larger diameter rivets. Outside jaw-grip adjustment wheel opens and closes jaws with fingertip ease to fit any size mandrel and to obtain maximum stroke efficiency.
Professional slim nose allows 2-in-1 to go where other hand riveters cannot. Ideal for reaching into corners and recessed areas. Three nosepieces 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", included with tool. Nosepieces are stored in handle. Heavy duty all steel construction insures long life and minimum wear. Polished finish, nickel-chrome plated. Red vinyl cushion grip and hand stop.

in. (mm)
Overall Length
in. (mm)
Net Wt.
oz. (g)
1/8 thru - 3/16 (3.18 - 4.76)
rivet w/ steel mandrel
1/8 thru - 5/32 (3.18 - 3.97*/)
rivet w/ stainless steel mandrel
8 (203)
20 (567)