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Malco Locking Duct Stretcher


Locking duct stretcher pulls duct sections together and holds them in place while freeing both hands to align and install drive cleats. The DS3 locks on from either side of duct connection. No need to adjust wheels! Simply place wheel located on moveable cam to one side of adjoining duct flanges. Turn handle downward to pull duct sections together and lock in place. Greater wheel clearance makes capturing the ends of duct sections, even misshapen flanges, easier than ever. The versatile shape of the DS3 frame also lets you hook and pull duct from above as the drive cleat is coaxed along the remainder of flanged track. The durable all steel frame extends beyond wheel edges, making it safe to push, hammer and bend drive cleats as necessary to complete installation. An offset handle design eliminates knuckle contact with work.

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Locking Duct Stretcher
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