Malco Punch Lock Stud Crimper





Secures any width Stud and Runner without screws or other fasteners.
Compound leverage increases mechanical advantage nearly 7 to 1. Simply squeeze handles together with one hand while holding stud in place. A unique punch and die shape creates a rectangular crimp, bending over thicknesses of channel and stud at the same time to form a sturdy bond. Crimp is always the proper strength and resists stress from any angle. Spring return handles snap the punch back in a ready position to go to the next stud or fastening point. Lightweight and compact size allows the user to work overhead or in tight quarters with ease. Tool fits inside the smallest stud and runner. Punch and dies are constructed from high quality tool steel and are easily replaceable. Body of tool consists of an aluminum die cast "C" frame and rust resistant, nickel plated steel handles and parts. Tool also features non-slip vinyl grips with hand stops for added comfort and resistance to elements.

Throat Depth
in. (mm)
(Sheet Metal)
Net Wt.
oz. (g)
Punch Lock / Stud Crimper
1-1/2 (38.10)
Max. (2) layers
16 (454)