Malco Hand Seamer - 6" Jaws





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Precise vee-notched depth graduations on jaws are in 1/4" increments. Jaws are drop forged, high impact steel. Hardened steel handles resist abuse. Powerful compound leverage design. Tool also features rust resistant nickel plating. Non-slip vinyl grips with hand stops provide added comfort and resistance to elements.

Wide 6" jaws produce uniform, accurate bends in sheet steel and non-ferrous metals with greater control and efficiency. Wider jaw also minimize buckling and bowing of metal. Fewer strokes are required to bend and straighten angles. Designed for all the metal trades, including HVACR installation, roofing and siding applications and commercial building and remodeling.

Jaw Depth
in. (mm)
Jaw Width
in. (mm)
Overall Length
in. (mm)
Net Weight
oz. (g)
1-1/4 (31.75)
6 (152)
8 (203)
30 (851)