Malco Trim Nail Punch - Heavy Duty w/ Nail Retaining Clip





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Malco Trim Nail Punch - Heavy Duty with Nail Retaining Clip

For easier nailing from any angle or height, Malco now offers a Trim Nail Punch with and exclusive, new "nail retaining clip" feature. Avoid the awkwardness and strain of balancing nails in the nose of the punch or holding back the drive pin while standing on a ladder or reaching out to nail. The new retaining clip also minimizes scrapes and dents caused by nail slippage or improper setting depth. Accommodates up to 1-1/4" standard trim nails. Nose fits into 1/2" J channel.

in. (mm)
Net Wt.
oz. (g)
Trim Nail Punch w/ Clip
6-3/4 (171)
6 (170)