Tekton 1/2 Inch I.D. x 50 Foot Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel






Easy Organization Pull out the length of hose you need and it locks in place, so there's no backward tension while you work. Tug to release the hose and it rewinds neatly into storage, out of the way and ready for the next job. Extreme Performance Made in the U.S.A., the premium rubber air hose delivers superior performance in extreme conditions. It's soft enough to stay flexible and easy to work with, even at 40 degrees F below zero, yet still takes the heat up to 190 degrees F without swelling or bubbling. All-Steel Construction Heavy-gauge, all-steel construction withstands the stress of managing air hose and won't break down over time or crack in the cold like plastic reels. Reliable Operation For a long, maintenance-free life, this reel is powered by a simple and reliable internal spring that's much faster and easier than hand winding and less complex than the moving parts and power requirements of a motor. Spare Parts 1/2 in. Air Hose Reel Inlet Assembly (Single Arm) 1/2 in. Air Hose Reel O-Ring Kit (Single Arm) Air Hose Reel Locking Pawl Assembly (Single Arm) Air Hose Reel Guide Rollers and Pins (Single Arm)

1/2 Inch I.D. x 50 Foot Auto Rewind Air Hose Reel

A. Length 19 in.
B. Width 7.8 in.
C. Height 20.3 in.
Weight 43.35 lb
Working Temperature -40 - 190 °F
Working Pressure 250 PSI
Burst Pressure 1200 PSI
Country of Origin Air hose made in USA. Reel made in China.