Occidental Leather Stronghold® SuspendaVest™




Occidental Leather
Occidental Stronghold® SuspendaVest™
(Tools not included)
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The Tool Carrying Alternative to Suspenders

Now hard at work doesn’t mean chained to a tool belt. Nylon suspension vest with torso worn tool holders, eliminates clutter, maximizes comfort and efficiency. Remove your bags from the Occidental Leather SuspendaVest™ for finish work or use in tight spots. Wear your bags on your tool belt when desired. The 712500 allows the flexibility to build your own “belt free” system using bags of your choice. Loaded with features and enough tool holders to do most jobs even without bags! 17 pockets and holders for all commonly used tools as well as plenty of extra storage for cell phone, note pads, calculator, etc. The leather belting sections disconnect at the rear to accept any bag that accommodates a 3” belt. Create a custom rig to fit your specific work habits and needs. You may remove your bags from the SuspendaVest™ for finish work or tight spaces. Give your body a break, alternate from belt free to belt worn.

The SuspendaVest™ may be used for framing, electrical, concrete or trim applications. Fully adjustable with extra pockets behind the tool holders for hands or gloves. Snaps on and off in seconds with a quick release chest strap buckle. Features a “D” ring for hanging storage! Available for lefties in LH option.

Pockets / Tool Holders: 17
Weight: 3.0 lb.
Left Hand Availability: Yes

Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.