Bob's Tools Online Tool Catalog By Manufacturers


This page offers an overview of what the manufacturers on this site carry. Want to check availability of a tool not listed? E-Mail or call us at 515-287-7542.


Acme Air Hoses
Acme Air Hoses:
Air Hoses, Hose Ends, Hose Splicer

AJC Tools
AJC Tools and Equipment:
Construction Tools, Roofing Tools

Champion Cutting Tools:
Annular Cutters, Carbide Burs, Hole Cutters

Pliers, Wrenches

Chicago Pneumatic
Chicago Pneumatic - Air Tools:
Cut off tools, Drills, Grinders, Hammers, Impact Wrenches, Ratchets, Sanders, Shears

Chicago Pneumatic
Grey Pneumatic:
Extensions, Hex Sockets, Ratchets, Socket Adapters, Torx Sockets, Sockets

Tools by Ingersoll-Rand
Ingersoll-Rand - Air Tools:
Air hammers,Die Grinders, Impact Wrenches, Ratchets, Sanders

Iowa Manufacturing
Iowa Manufacturing:

Jet - Air Tools:
Cut-Off Tools, Drill Presses, Drills, Grinders, Sanders

Keson Measuring Tools
Chalk Lines, Measuring Tools

Knipex Pliers
Knipex - Pliers:
Pliers, Snap Pliers

Klein Tools
Klein - Electrician Tools:
All Purpose Electrician Tools, Bolt Bags, Bolt Cutters, Bull Pins, Cable Splicers, Canvas Bags, Canvas Buckets, Chisels, Conduit Benders, Conduit Reamers, Crimping Tools, Crimping/Cutting Tools, Electrode Bags, Hex Key Sets, Insulated Hand Tools, Levels, Nibbler Cutting Tools, Nut Drivers, PVC Cutters, Pliers, Power Tool Accessories, Romex Tools, Scissors, Scratch Awls, Screwdrivers, Strippers Tools, Tapes, Tools Bags, Tool Boxes, Tool Pouches, Torx Sets, Volt Circuit Testers, Wire Cutters, Wrenches

Lisle - Automotive Tools:
Bits, Air Conditioning Tools, Air Hose Reels, Anchor Pins/U-Joint Presses, Battery Brushes, Bearing Packers, Bearing Drivers, Brake Tools, Cam Shaft Bearing Tools, Carburetor Tools, Circuit Testers, Clutch Alignment Tools, Creepers, Fan Belt Tighteners, Feeler Gauges, Filter Wrenches, Flexible Flashlights, Headlight Adjusters, Hex Bits, Impact Drivers, Magnetic Pick-up Tools, Oil Filter Tools, Pliers, Ring Compressors, Seal Pullers, Socket Holders, Spark Plug Tools, Tap Sockets, Tie Rod Tools, Torx Bits, Valve Tools

Malco Tools, Fasteners and Accessories
Malco - Tools, Fasteners and Accessories:
Andy Snips, Ceiling Grid Punches, Chalk/Plumb Lines, Crimpers, Dividers, Downspout Crimpers, Duct Stretchers, Fin Straightening Tools, Flex Duct Cutters, Flex Duct Cutter Sheaths, Folding Tools, Gutter Outlet Punches, Hand Notchers, Hand Riveters, Hand Seamers, Hole Cutters, Hole Punches, Nail Hole Slot Punchers, Offset Double Cut Snips, PVC Saws, Pin Vises, Pipe Crimpers, Power Bit Extensions, Punch Lock Stud Crimpers, Ratchet Wrenches, Shingle Removers, Siding Removal Tools, Snap Lock Punches, Snips, Tie Tools, Trim Nail Punches

Marshalltown - Concrete & Drywall Tools:
Air Compressors, Brick Hammers, Brick Jointers, Brooms, Bull Floats, Cornerbead Tools, Darbies, Drywall Saws, Drywall Tools, Edgers, Floats, Groovers, Hopper Guns, Joint Knives, Knee Pads, Line Blocks, Line Stretchers, Line Twigs, Putty Knives, Taping Knives, Tile Cutters, Trowels, Wire Twister

MasterCut - Rotary Tools:
Burs, Cutting Tools

Midwest Snips
Midwest Snips:
Cable Cutters, Offset Snips, Straight Snips

Milton Air Compressor Accessories:
Air Chucks, Air Hoses, Battery Testers, Blo-Guns, Couplers, Desiccant Dryers, Filters, Filter/Regulators, Gages, Inflater Gauges, Lubricators, Manifolds, Plugs, Regulators, Tire gauges

Milwaukee - Power Tools:
Band Saws, Batteries, Battery Chargers, Bits, Blades, Circular Saws, Cordless Tools, Grinders, Hammer Drills, Heat Guns, Hole Saws, Impact Drivers, Impact Wrenches, Masonry Hammer Bits, Rotary Hammers, Sander/Grinders, Saws, Sawzalls, Sawzall Blades, Screw Shooters, SDS Bits, Selfeed Bits, Shears, Spline Bits

Montezuma (CPL) Tool Boxes
Montezuma (CPL):
Tool Boxes

Nails & Staples
Nails & Staples:
Brad Nails, Coil Framing Nails, Coil Roofing Nails, Felt Slap Staples, Finish Nails, Finish Staples, Framing Nails, Sheathing Staples, Wide Crown Staples

Norseman - Drill Bits, Taps & Dies
Dies, Drill Bits, Screw Extractors, Taps,

Occidental Leather
Occidental Leather:
Cell Phone Holsters, Drywall Pouches, Electrician Pouches, Hammer Holders, Plier holders, Suspenders, Tool Bags, Tool Belts, Tool Vests,

Omega Lift Equipment
Omega Lift Equipment:
Air Actuated Hydraulic Hand Jacks, Hydraulic Hand Jacks, Hydraulic Strut Spring Compressors, MagicLift™ Hydraulic Floor Jacks

Porter Cable
Porter Cable - Power Tools:
Air Nailers, Air Staplers, Angle Grinders, Belt Sanders, Drywall Sanders, Finishing Sanders, Grinders, Polishers, Routers Sanders

POSI LOCK™ Gear and Bearing Pullers
POSI LOCK™ Gear and Bearing Pullers:
2 and 3 Jaw Pullers

Stabila - Levels:
Journeyman Deluxe Levels, Magnetic Levels, Mason's Levels

Caulking Guns, Chalk Lines

Tenryu Saw Blades
Tenryu - Sawblades:
Steel Saw Blades, Carbide Tip Saw Blades

Vaughan - Hammers:
Dead Blow Hammers, Drywall Hatchets, Framing Hammers, Nail Pullers, Prybars, Rip Hammers, Wrecking Bars

Wilton Tools Vises and Clamps
Wilton Tools Vises and Clamps:
C-Clamps, Sledge Hammers, Vise

Wright Tools
Wright Tools - Sockets & Wrenches:
Combination Wrench Sets, Deep Impact Sockets, Impact Sockets, Socket Sets, Metric Sockets, Standard Sockets, Torque Wrenches, Wrenches